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Dental Care

We encourage you to brush your pet’s teeth but we realize this is not always practical therefore we offer a variety of other dental aids to help care for your pet’s teeth.

But even with the best of care, eventually, your pet will need a dental cleaning under anesthesia.  We take the same care of our dental patients as we do our surgical ones.  An exam is done prior to the procedure and the same care and monitoring are done as with our surgeries.   We use modern and safe ultrasonic equipment to clean each tooth thoroughly; above and below the gum line. Then each tooth is inspected and the gum line probed for pockets.  Polishing is done to create a smooth surface more resistant to plaque buildup. Then we apply a fluoride treatment to help strengthen the enamel. 

Dental X-rays are commonly used to evaluate questionable teeth and with a high-speed dental drill, bad teeth can be surgically extracted just like human oral surgeons. We also are capable of Filling chipped teeth or cavities, packing deep gum pockets with long-lasting antibiotics ( Doxirobe) and filling in lost bone with Consil.

We take pain very seriously for our dental patients. Pre-treatment with injectables, local blocks of the mouth and post-treatment medications are routine.